Interactive Guides

Make Your High-Ticket Knowledge Articles Ultra Interactive With Guides

Customers bored of traditional support channels Automate your expert guidance with DeepConverse AI and deflect up to 80% tickets via an interactive support.

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Create And Update Interactive Guides With Zero Coding Skills

Simplifying complex support processes should be simple. Exactly why DeepConverse has built Interactive Guides that can be operated with Zero-technical skills.

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Give Your guides The Identity Of Your Brand With Personalization

Offer a personalized experience by customizing your themes and adding your brand logo. Build trust with guides that look like your brand.

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Revisit Questions

Breadcrumbs and History Lets Users Keep Track of Their Journey

Breadcrumbs and history allow customers to map out paths that they have traversed in the guide making it easier for them to go back to any question they might want to revisit.

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Interactive Learning

Make Onboarding And Learning Interactive For Your Internal Teams

Manage your internal documents on Guides and give your support teams an easiest and the most interactive way to understand the knowledge articles.

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Multi-Platform Publishing

Publish Guides on Multiple Platforms In Just A Few Clicks

Customers looking for support on multiple platforms? Engage them with Interactive Guides using DeepConverse APIs in a few simple steps.

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Brands leading their industries automate on DeepConverse Platform

Your troubleshooting might be complex but your Interactive Guides don’t have to be.

Got support lines jammed due to complex troubleshooting? Add your knowledge articles to DeepConverse guides and deliver an interactive support that customers prefer over agents.


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Deployment Time

10 Minutes

Training Time For A New Skill

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Conversational Search

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