Multi Factor Authentication using Email

Provide a passwordless experience to customers. Verify their email in a conversational chatbot UI and provide authenticated actions such as updates to pending tickets, modification of pending orders, starting of returns and many more scenarios that require authenticated user information. Integrate with Twilio, Sendgrid and author verification rules within DeepConverse platform to verify the customers.

Verify Customer Email with 2FA

Many customers dont remember their login or are pressed for time to login

  • Verify their email via low code two factor authentication
  • Support passwordless login and allow them to self serve

Send one time passcodes with email templates

Use rich branded templates when sending one time passcodes to customers

Verify the customer code with rules

  • Use structured forms to accept validated input
  • Build custom rules for validation, re-verification and expiry of the one time passcode
  • Lookup customer objects such as Tickets / Orders and provide actions such as Status, Comments and Returns.

ISO 27001






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