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Understanding Intent

Get The Intent Right, Not Just The Keywords

DeepConverse AI doesn't rely on just the Search keywords to give answers or suggest queries but has been trained to also understand the intent behind customers' questions.

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Suggest Answers Even Before Your Customers Hit Enter

Give customers a drop-down of auto-suggest result to save their typing time. Change your suggestions in real-time with AI that understands the intent.

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Fetch answers from multiple support sources All At Once

Leverage DeepConverse Federation that uses just one query and a single Search interface to search multiple content locations at once to give an answer.

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Media Content

Multi-Media Formats That Deliver A Higher Customer Satisfaction

Use rich content to customize Search answers and automate interactions and save your agents' time for the premium interactions.

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AI-Powered Chatbot

Checkout AI Chatbot that not just understands an intent but also provides an interactive support on multiple channels.

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Automation Builder

Try the Inbuilt flow-builder that uses 30+ backend connectors to automate conversations without any coding skills.


Interactive Guides

Add your knowledge articles on DeepConverse Interactive Guides and simplify the complex support processes for a higher CSAT.

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