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Did you know that client-centered services such as real estate rely heavily on word of mouth? Automate your common customer queries and deliver an AI-powered instant support for almost 80% of your support tickets.

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Don’t compromise your CSAT with a low response time. Automate services with DeepConverse AI and get almost 80% of the queries answered without any agent involvement. 

Book customer visits

Simplify customer bookings for site visits by automating the process and avoid the long waits for human assistance.

List personalized projects

Personalize chats using custom fields for location, budget, etc and display projects on carousels.

Offer support on multiple channels

Your customers are always on Facebook and WhatsApp so we’ve put our support there too.

Advanced Security

Verify Contact Details

Get customer details like contact number, documents, email address, etc securely verified through an AI-Chatbot.

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