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Make content consumers feel smart and confident in their skills. Automate support queries that otherwise might require a service agent and deflect up to 80% tickets.

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Automate Premium Support for Premium Content 

Got customers zoned out in your content?

Make sure you’re not making them wait for long hours to get basic support. Automate your common queries and reduce the caseload by up to 80%. 


Share billing information

Leverage personalization to provide the billing details or other payment-related options in just a few simple steps.

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Smoothly Handoff Chats To Agents

Got payment issues that can not be resolved by a bot? Assign the chat to an agent, brief the issue and bring the agent in without switching to a different chat window. 

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Multi-Channel Support
with 'AI + Automation' on

Ai-powered Chatbots
Interactive Guides
Conversational Search
Chatbots That Answer Like
A Well Media Expert.

Agents overloaded with support tickets might end up delivering a slow response time (major reason behind a poor CSAT). DeepConverse Chatbots with just 10 minutes of training and a few simple examples can answer most of the queries that otherwise would've landed in your ticket inbox. With DeepConverse AI Chatbots, you can -

Multi-step conversations to ask follow up questions.

AI to reduce your support load from repetitive queries.

Seamless chat handover to keep support hassle free for both the agent and the customer.

Inline guides on chatbot to resolve tickets faster.

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Guides That Make Your Knowledge Articles Fun To Interact With.

DeepConverse guides can help customers figure out what exactly is wrong with their service and make self-diagnosing easier with a step by step troubleshooting process. With DeepConverse Guides, you get -

History and Breadcrumbs window to help customers revisit any troubleshooting step.

Custom fields to collect details at multiple steps (troubleshooting questions) instead of a long ticket form.

Ability to easily create, update, and publish Guides on mulitple platforms with absolutely zero coding skills.

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AI Search That Customizes Answers And Maximizes Self-Service.

The Ai-enabled Conversational Search helps put your customers at the centre of it all. You get to customize answers for your common queries and empower your customers with a self-service that gets their intent right, provides to the point answers, and makes them feel more confident. With DeepConverse Search, you get -

AI-enabled TypeAhead to understand intent and display answers when customers are still typing.

Federation to source answers from 50+ platforms and display on a single interface.

Multi-media content to best answer a query using images, maps, videos, .gif, PDFs, etc.

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