Salesforce Live Chat

Build a seamless chatbot and Salesforce live chat experience. Go beyond the out of box Salesforce experience to provide pre-chat deflection, a augmented live agent chat experience and a customized post chat experience all built with low code automations.

Let customers talk with live agents

  • Give customers an option to reach out to live agents on Salesforce if the agents are online
  • Dynamically route chats based on conversational path

Collect validated customer details

  • Use forms for true validation of user input
  • Get structured information to store in custom fields in Salesforce

Seamless live chat experience

  • Seamless transfer from the chatbot to the agent
  • Let customers know their position in the queue and wait times

Undisrupted Agent experience and Workflow

  • Agents get the chatbot transcript with contextual handover information
  • No disruptions to existing workflows and automations

Build a custom post chat experience

  • Collect feedback about the experience and measure CSAT
  • Build custom post chat conversational experience

ISO 27001






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