Product Troubleshooting Chatbots

As the product catalog grows it becomes essential to provide self service. Save time for your customers and agents with Product Troubleshooting embedded in DeepConverse Chatbots

Present customers with an option to troubleshoot

  • Let the customers know that you provide self troubleshooting options before they contact support
  • Allows customers to resolve common issues such as device restarts, platform level features etc.

Guided Product Troubleshooting

  • Users can go through a richer product troubleshooting experience
  • Built to support dynamic paths based on their inputs thereby shortening the time spent getting to the answer

Capture Steps performed during troubleshooting

Provide the full troubleshooting transcript to the agents. Give them the context of what the customer is contacting about thereby reducing the time spent asking information again from customers.

10 Minutes

Training Time For A New Skill

1 Week

Deployment Time


Automated Responses

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